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Bloc Party leaders set to visit the Central Business and Tet Party Group Housing and Urban Development

Bloc Party leaders set to visit the Central Business and Tet Party Group Housing and Urban Development


On behalf of the Group Leader, Comrade Nguyen Hiep wished officers, employees and families Group Tan Mao in health, happiness, wellbeing - achieved much prosperity and success, and success in learning work. He expected staff members the Group constantly strives to make a worthy contribution to the cause of building the Group Housing and Urban Development to become a powerful economic group.

He stressed: "In the Tiger Group already achieved some initial success when switching from model to the State Corporation Model State economic group, through which the Group has actively Standard was the site for a "primary school" in the new decade 2011-2020 in a completely new model, different models of the Corporation of the Decade 2001-2010. In particular, the parent company - the Group must demonstrate the pivotal role, to lead in major development of the Group is developing projects and urban housing, public participation in market regulation Vietnam's house - it is very glorious mission but also poses many challenges for the Group.

To overcome challenges, Mr. Nguyen Hiep Wish Party Group, units of the Party members and comrades in the Party members of the Group continue to develop the leadership and combativeness of the organization Party to carry out strategic tasks of the Group is actively developing the housing market, to join the housing market regulation under the motto raise investment efficiency and competitiveness in the field of housing. He wishes the parent company - The Group continues to promote the central role, is actually forces led the Group strategy implementation housing development driven by the Central Government, to wish the project management Group's bold, dare to think, dare to do to overcome all difficulties and challenges to complete its assigned tasks. He also wishes to promote the Group successfully fledged hero units in all units and all sectors to continue to build HUD Development Group to new heights in the decade 2011-2020, particularly the complete housing programs have been developed and the Council's Party Group members proposed.

Also on 9 / 2, Mr Nguyen Hiep and Mr. Nguyen Dang Nam and other leaders had to Tet Group leaders and officers and employees of the Corporation founder, the management board project, the member companies of the parent company - The Group.



Mr. Nguyen Hiep Tet staff HUD1 companies

Mr. Nguyen Hiep Tet staff HUD2 companies 



Mr. Nguyen Hiep Tet staff HUD CIC companies 

 Mr. Nguyen Dang Nam Tet leading corporations Vilagera



Mr. Nguyen Dang Nam Tet staff HUD6 companies

Mr. Nguyen Dang Nam Tet staff HUDS companies